Management & Executives of Dynapack Asia Volunteering to Build a School in Mauk – Banten

Dynapack Asia collaborate with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, a global non-profit organization, to build a School for Early Childhood Education in Kedung Dalem, Mauk – Banten. This project is a corporate social responsibility of Dynapack Asia, which Dynapack Group principled to always provide something useful for the community, especially through education.

“Social responsibility has always been one of the values of Dynapack Asia. We believe that it is our duty as privileged citizens of this earth that we should give back to our communities and help make our environment a better place to live,” Mr. Tony Hambali, CEO of Dynapack Group explained on his speech to open the volunteering construction activities of mangement & executicve Dynapack Asia in Kedung Dalem, Mauk -Banten (07/12/2016).

For the past 5 years we have focused our efforts in education, because we believe that it is through knowledge that people are able to make better decisions and lead better lives. In addition, we trust that the education or knowledge that is provided will benefit not only this generation but also generations to come,” he added.

This voluntary activity is an opening part for Dynapack Asia’s Annual Strategy Review Meeting (ASRM) which took place on December 7 to 9, 2016. About 80 ASRM participants working as “hard labor” for a day, helping the construction of school buildings. They cut the iron, bending the iron, iron stringing for the foundation, and work together to lift the sand and rocks.

Not only donations to build the school building, on this occasion we also submitted books, stationery, and toys that has been collected from employees of Dynapack Indonesia, Dynaplast, Sanpak Unggul and Rapidplast. Mr. Tony Hambali symbolically handed over the donation to the teacher and one of the students who attended the event. We hope the donations can support the children in Kedung Dalem village to acquire eligible learning facilities for their better future

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