“Keep Learning until You’re Old,” a Message from Mr. Soebekti Hambali

Mr. Soebekti Hambali, the founder of Dynaplast celebrated his 91st birthday on June 23rd, 2016. A special celebration was held at Dynaplast Jatake, the oldest plant where Om, a nickname given for Mr. Soebekti Hambali, first started Dynaplast. The members of Dynapack Asia’s board of commisioners, directors, and employees, as well as the families all gathered to celebrate this event.


On Om’s birthday, Mr. Tony Hambali, acting as Om’s son and the CEO of Dynapack Group, gave a special gift to Om in a form of “The Soebekti Hambali Learning Center”. The Soebekti Hambali Learning Center (SHLC) is a place for Dynapack Asia employees to learn and train. Employees will get soft skills as well as technical skills trainings that could help them improve their knowledge, develop their skills, and support their performance.


In his speech, Mr. Tony Hambali said that SHLC was inspired by Om who always had a passion for learning and knowledge sharing. Mr. Tony mentioned, Om has taught us that in order for us to keep up with new customers’ demands and expectations, it is important for us to continuously improve our expertise and knowledge. In order for us to continuously improve, we need to continuously learn. Working in this growing region, where there is a high demand for well-educated talents, our industry is faced with a constant shortage. Therefore, Om always believes that we need to ensure that our team constantly develops their skills internally”.


“Not only does Om have that passion for learning, he is also willing to share his knowledge, which should be an example for all of us. I am sure that all of you agrees with me that throughout the years, not only has he shared his knowledge on plastics and plastic related technologies, but also on health and sometimes even on his hobbies or side projects. Sharing knowledge is an important part of learning because not only does it breed better teams but it also a way for ourselves to learn, to make us a better person and to be successful,” he added.


“Today, we celebrate an amazing teacher and a role model who has dedicated more than 55 years of his life to our company and successfully transform our company from a family run company into a professionally run Rigid Plastic Packaging Company in Asia. So it gives me a great pleasure to dedicate this Soebekti Hambali Learning Centre especially to my father, my mentor, our mentor, Bapak Soebekti Hambali,” said Mr. Tony Hambali accompanied by applauses from all the guests.


A copper placard with “The Soebekti Hambali Learning Center” engraved on it was signed by Om Soebekti to start of the inauguration of the Learning Center that afternoon. In that joyous and gracious occasion, Om Soebekti  also encourage us to never stop learing, “I thank God for allowing me to celebrate my 91st birthday today together with my wife, son, daughters, grandchildren, great-grand children, along with Dynaplast staff, in a healthy condition. I also pray for the children, grandchildren and all of you to never stop learing, so that we could be channels of blessings for others.”


Mr. Tony Hambali believes that hunger for learning, desire to enhance knowledge, along with commitment to work together in finding the best solustions are the keys to continuous improvement and the foundation of SHLC. SHLC enables all employees to learn and improve their knowledge, ergo giving them the opportunity to become better people, as well as better leaders who are in charge of their own success.

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